Who are we?

We are an institution offering opportunities to participate in study abroad programs in the Dominican Republic to U.S. students and those of other nationalities. The IERC serves as a facility to all students around the world who wish to learn about Dominican society, customs, and beliefs, as a part of their university degree program.

We believe that societies were created by humanity’s desire to see the world that surrounds it; and throughout time it has wanted to understand and know how large the world really is. From this belief surfaced the desire to travel and discover new lands. Thus, the world began to populate. Through these same desires, we will acquaint ourselves with the natural enchantment of this country such as; its climate, lovely sceneries, beautiful beaches, and friendly natives as we learn about its historical roots.

what We DO ?

Since 1991 IERC has enjoyed the opportunity to serve colleges and universities all over the world. IERC currently maintains relationships with over 300 businesses in the Dominican Republic. Our study abroad programs span from Santo Domingo, La Romana. Bavaro and Punta Cana. IERC tailors its international programs to the needs of their participants, it’s easy to find exotic environments to study and work.

In addition, IERC now helps different organizations and universities develop and carry out study abroad programs in the Dominican Republic. In 1991 we assisted a consortium of HBCU’s to internationalize their curriculum; and today we serve to advise and provide technical assistance to universities and high schools to help them provide a campus environment that motivates international learning.

One of the primary goals of the IERC is to offer opportunities for students attending low-income serving institutions of higher education in the U.S. to study in the Dominican Republic and the caribbean through a program which has academic study, cultural immersion, and high quality practical experience components.


Business Internships are available in Santo Domingo and La Romana. For the individual who wants an authentic experience living and working in businesses abroad.


The internship represents a bridge between the student’s academic work and the workplace. The particular internship is seen as a coherent part of the student’s academic program, not an isolated episode.


Plan now to participate in the study abroad venture in 2016. Nursing students and faculty become immersed in the culture by living with Dominican families, performing clinical practice in different health care venues and visiting multiple cultural and/or interesting sites. The experience also includes an international workshop where professional nurses and students share information on nursing, study abroad and multiculturalism.


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