Professional Internships for Career Development

These are placements in structured settings, which familiarize students with overseas work settings and provide opportunities for practical experience and exposure to actual work situations in international career fields. These may be with U.S. international agencies, local government agencies concerned with energy, health, education, environment, business and/or others that are critical to a country’s infrastructure. In the past, we have had intern placements at National Telecommunications companies, Coldwell Bankers, and Coca-Cola, Colgate, Price Waterhouse, just to name a few.

Internships undertaken in the Dominican Republic Program of IERC are arranged by students and their study abroad advisers. The following elements are required if an internship is to be eligible for academic credit.

The internship represents a bridge between the student’s academic work and the workplace. The particular internship is seen as a coherent part of the student’s academic program, not an isolated episode. Students must be prepared for their internship at the cultural level through prior study or through coursework offered by this program or by the Univeristy. Academic preparation of previous work experience in appropriate areas will be demonstrated by coursework listed on an official transcript or by letters of recommendation from supervisors. As soon as you have been admitted to the program a description of 4-5 pages must be submitted by the date indicated in your acceptance letter. Students should then be in contact with IERC, Santo Domingo to begin planning for an appropriate placement. Transcripts and letters of recommendation must be forwarded to the program site prior to the start of the program.

Entrepreneurship and Service Learning Projects

Student participants will have opportunities to work with residents at the grass root level in urban or rural communities. These will be placements in local education and training programs that are administered by a local district’s community based leadership-training center. The centers provide technical assistance to women, parents and neighborhood groups. Community service organizations or local community action groups sponsor other projects.

Some placements may be in areas where Peace Corps volunteers are already assigned. Graduate students will have opportunities to develop experience on policy analysis, field investigations, evaluation and information management through their placements in organizations, which administer, train, and evaluate local and national development projects.

Women’s development centers, Secretariat of Youth, children’s hospitals, and English language labs are examples of our community service partner organizations. Students have been involved in childcare, AIDS and pregnancy prevention programs, child nutrition education, teaching English and many other volunteer activities.

The Internship Practical Experience

Internships provide on the job training in real world situations where undergraduates earn college credit in their major while gaining valuable experience which can lead towards future employment or state certification for teaching. These experiences are organized with:

  • U.S. corporations with subsidiaries in the Dominican Republic.
  • International schools
  • U.S government agencies
  • International organizations with offices in the Dominican Republic
  • Government agencies of the Dominican Republic.

Teaching Practicum And Teaching Of English As A Second Language

The study abroad program also provides opportunities for students majoring in education of ESL to satisfy student teaching requirements. Students may teach general subjects in English at private or public primary schools or teach English as a second language from K-12 or at the university level.

Travel and Tourism Management

Is your major related to the service industries? Students who are looking for internships with hotels and tourism will find the Dominican Republic an excellent location to practice their soft skills. Hotels and restaurants in La Romana and the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic offer many opportunities to work with customer service, retail, finance, and much more.

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