Arriving To Santo Domingo


Once you arrive in the Dominican Republic, and have gathered your luggage and pass through customs, 1 or 2 members of the personnel of the IERC will be waiting to transport you to the hotel where you will spend your first night in the country. When you arrive at the hotel you will be given instructions required for your stay the first night, dinner the first day and breakfast the second day will be included.

The second day of their arrival, the students will participate in a mandatory orientation sponsored by the program, where they will be given information on the life, culture, and the society in the Dominican Republic. Also they will be informed of the requirements of the academic program. Our personnel and staff will be available throughout the semester to help assist our participants with whatever concerns they may have


Students will be placed in host family homes with middle income Dominican families. The home stay arrangement reinforces Spanish language skills learned in class and fosters cross-cultural relationships. The host families are a part of the strong support system that we at the IERC have developed for students while they are overseas. Students receive two meals a day and laundry services once a week.

On the weekends, students receive three meals a day. Homestays give the students the opportunity to formulate life-long friendships and see Dominican culture first hand as well as teach others about American culture.


The students will have, included in the program package, medical insurance. The insurance will include all medical check-ups and emergencies to them. Nevertheless, the program does not cover the expenses incurred for prescribed medicines. The students will receive a medical insurance card that is accepted in some places. Please ask the IERC personnel about medical services which are included.


The IERC includes, along with their services, transportation to and from the airport for their students. In addition, the program includes the transportation for field trips. Each student will cover the cost of public transportation from the educational institution to their homes, as well as from the place of internship to their homes and vice versa.


One of the main parts of any study abroad program is the activities and excursions that enhance the participant’s learning and their knowledge of the country’s attractions, geography and history. Each semester and summer the students participate in a great variety of cultural immersions, as well as recreational activities. These include trips to different cities of the country, museums, local attractions like the zoo and the aquarium, significant historical places, and internationally renowned beaches. Participating in these excursions is not obligatory. Nevertheless, we encourage all the students to participate, or they will miss out on this important experience.

Support Services and Logistics Included

The International Education Resource Center (IERC) is maintains offices in La Romana, Santo Domingo at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and UNPHU, where all the participants in our international program receive assistance.

The IERC is responsible for facilitating services for a pleasant and comfortable stay to all students that visit the country in order to learn Spanish language and get to know the culture.

These services include everything from their personal safety, to the smallest details of their living quarters on the island, service to and from the airport, lodging in family homes, apartments, heath services, field trips organizing dance classes, academic programs, and internships.

The staff of the study abroad program manages host family arrangements, excursions, internship assignments and academic details. We also organize cultural excursions and educational field trips, organize cultural field trips to interesting national places guided by the necessary educative instructions to improve the student’s immersion in Dominican culture.

Inter-institutional Cooperation

In order to attain that Goal, the One Hundred Black Men of America, New York City Chapter, has organized a work group made up of members of the recently established Eagle Academy For Young Men, and the International Education Resource Center, to develop higher education programs and for study abroad through Historically Black Universities.

In the summer of 2005 the 100 Black Men Inc., sponsored the study abroad program in the Dominican Republic for 6 students and 2 chaperons. This program was used as pilot program to promote this initiative for summer 2006. Due to this great initiative they will be the most important sponsor.

Monitoring, Evaluating and Institutionalizing of the
Pre-College Program

The work group established by the OHBM, is also responsible for the establishment of policies and procedures for the monitoring, evaluation, documentation and the impact of program reports on the short and long-term objectives related to the goals of the program..